I am the proud father of 6 children as well as a Podcast Host and Executive Coach for Business Owners/Leaders who are husband, fathers, and family men.
Over the years I have led hundreds of employees in various roles from manager level to CEO. During that time, my wife and I continued to grow our family. In the early years I had small children and heavy leadership roles. I struggled to keep up with the performance at work I desired. It was a daunting as I sought to be there for my wife and young children.
I would feel the weight of my responsibility to my children and employees, but unfortunately work was paying the bills and so I allowed it to take priority since I was working to "provide" for my family not realizing that there was a better way until later.
My leadership roles have continued to grow with seasons of significant travel and even greater performance demands. Despite this increase in leadership responsibility, I have been able to find a balance (Unrivaled Momentum) where both my work and my family get the best me. Even when the time in each place is never equal.
Because of my experience, I have made it my quest to coach business dads and help them achieve Unrivaled Momentum in their own lives and businesses. I help fathers to become the leader their employees and children desperately need!


From an early age, I knew I wanted to not only build companies, but I wanted to build a family. With my wife Angela by my side we have been blessed with 6 amazing children that we cannot imagine living without. 

Early in my career I struggled with the balance of family and work. Over the years I discovered that what I did at work impacted my physical health, my family life and the ability to be mentally present with my family.

While leading hundreds of people in different industries, I have found what works and have used and taught these transformative principles and systems with life changing success. I now focus on coaching leaders to discover the Father First Effect in their own lives.


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