Behind Every Successful Leader, There's A Happy Family

Apr 12, 2022

During the last couple of weeks, I've been implying the show would experience some changes, and today, I'm ready to reveal some of them. 

Influenced by the philosophy of being in constant improvement, we are heading in a different direction. The show will have a tighter focus on the content and the guests, and it will also change its name. 

I firmly believe that success in our professional lives is only possible when our relationship with our families is also in a good place. That's why the new podcast will focus on helping married businessmen to upgrade their identities and become better husbands, fathers, and business owners.

In this episode, Flavor of Leadership's last, I share a personal story that describes vividly the impact of not having a harmonious connection between our personal and professional lives. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The podcast is getting ready to evolve (2:17)
  • About the mistakes, I made as a leader and who had to deal with them (3:12)
  • The more successful you become, the more time your work demands (3:51)
  • Why I decided to create the Flavor of Leadership podcast, and what we've accomplished so far (6:24)
  • What kind of content you can expect from the new podcast (7:49)


  • Quote: Brian Tracy - "Practice the philosophy of continuous improvement. Get a little bit better every single day."
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Clint Hoopes: That was just the way it needed to be – the more successful you are, the more time it takes, and you have to sacrifice so that someday you can have more time at home with your family and get some of those things together. And it was funny I put work above my family at times when I shouldn't have. 

Welcome back to the show once again here today. As we start out, we're going to begin with a quote from Brian Tracy. So, Brian Tracy said this: “Practice the philosophy of continuous improvement, get a little bit better every single day.” Now, I have tried to live that in my life, and I've tried to live it in business. And we are also trying to live that here on the podcast. So, over the last few weeks, I have been hinting that we’ll be having some changes coming to the podcast. And today is the day that I get to reveal just a little bit more about what is happening. So, I'm excited to announce that the Flavor of Leadership podcast will be changing a bit over the next two weeks. So, the first change is going to happen is we are going to have a tighter focus on the content and the guest that we have on the show. That's the first one, more to come on that in a few minutes. And the next one is we're going to be introducing a new name for the podcast as well. Now, the new name will explain the mission of the podcast more clearly. Now, the name we're actually going to be announcing next Tuesday. So, next Tuesday will be the first official mini-episode of the new podcast as we get things all switched over. So, that will be announced next week. So, let me explain a little bit more about what I mean by the “tighter focus on the content and the guests.” So, let me start out by explaining a little bit of backstory. 

So, years ago, I was struggling with my leadership at work, but also struggling to find the right balance between all the different parts of my life, just like many of you probably are; you go through life and you think, “Holy cow! When can I get all of this together?” And you hear people talking about work-life balance, which we talked about on the show, and you think, “It's a bunch of craziness. How can you actually have any kind of balance?” And as life goes on, you begin to figure things out; you find a balance for your life. And I made a lot of mistakes along the way, I did. And unfortunately, my employees and my family were the ones that had to endure all of the learning that I had as I learned to be a better leader, and a better father, and a better husband, and just a better person in general. And during that time, I was always seeking something better, I was seeking momentum and a flow to life; that feeling of things just feeling right, feeling like they're going in the right direction; that momentum and flow that we all want. I was always seeking it. But it always felt it elude me. I'd have success at work, and it seemed to just take more and more of my time, and make it so I was less focused on what I needed to be doing at home. And it seemed like that was just the way it needed to be – the more successful you are, the more time it takes, and you have to sacrifice so that someday you can have more time at home with your family and get some those things together. And it was funny, I put work above my family at times when I shouldn't have. 

When I look back, it's always so much easier to see it now, it's the whole hindsight is 2020. It's always easier to go back and see things more clearly from our point of view now. But I realized I was constantly distracted by work when I was at home. And really, honestly, if I'm really honest with myself, they were often by things that I could have avoided by just getting the right people in place, the right systems in place, and the right clarity of communication. Honestly, that was what it came down to. If I had gotten some of those things in place, I could have had a better family life at home. Now, once I got things figured out, I began having a greater success at work. It was crazy, I actually had more success at work while also having a better family life at home. And it's not like things were never busy. It's not like I was never pulled out again in the evening, I never had something urgent come up because that happens, it's business. We run companies, and we have families, and things happen. Now, the difference, though, is my mentality when those things happened, when things are in line and things are in order at work and at home, people expect these urgent things to come up, and you're able to handle them and react. But when it's every single day, when everything is an emergency, that's when it doesn't work in our lives. And the better we get at creating our systems – having better communication, getting the right people in place – the less than less, often, these urgent things are going to pull you away from your family and from the things that are important to you. 

So, me, over these years, I began to get much better, and I found that I'd actually achieved that flow and momentum that I didn't have before. And I originally started the Flavor of Leadership podcast to help others learn more quickly the things which had taken me years to discover and learn. I had talked to so many different leaders, read so many different books, attended conferences, attended training – so many different things, to improve myself and learn how to do this: How to be a better leader, how to communicate more clearly, how to be a better father, how to be a better husband, how to be a better me. And so, last year, I began coaching leaders and consulting companies with a focus on driving success at home and work at the same time. And the results have been amazing. Typically, we think we have to just get everything in line at work, and then home will work itself out. Guess what? We need more help. We have to get those things together in both places at the same time. And so, I have seen the necessity for more specific focus on the needs of married businessmen just like me. Having six children, and after having led hundreds of employees over the years, I have focused on learning from some of the most successful businessmen, like I said earlier. And the difference between their success and the success that maybe you see on the news of different people that are having this mega success in work is that these people are successful, not just in work, not just financially, not just in their fulfillment at work, but also in other parts of their lives. They're happy with who they are as a person, with their contribution to their communities, but most importantly, their contribution and their leadership of their family, of their children, the relationship that they have with their wife. And you can feel the difference just speaking to these people that I have talked to and interviewed over the years. And I'm telling you, Flavor of Leadership has been so fun to be able to explore leadership at so many different levels. But the focus of the podcast and my coaching will now be all about helping married businessmen to upgrade their identities and become better husbands, fathers, and business owners. So if that's you, I'm so excited that you're here. I can't wait to be able to tell you more because I already have new guests lined up. I've already actually been recording new interviews and new episodes for the podcast. And I know you're going to enjoy it. I know it's going to be exactly what you need. It's exactly what I wish I had had years ago when I was going through the exact same things. 

The thing I'm so excited about is that we're going to be able to learn together. As the world changes, as life changes, we're going to get new people, new interviews, new content that's focused on helping us all become better husband, better fathers, and better businessmen. Now, next week, next Tuesday, the name will officially be released. And with that will also be a new cover art for the podcast and everything. And that's all going to come out, once again, on the normal day when the podcast releases on Tuesdays. So, if you're already subscribed, it will just switch over automatically. You do not need to do a thing. It will all just show up in your feed on your podcast player and you'll be off to the races and can listen to my first mini-episode that we're going to have next week to kick everything off. So, if you are not subscribed to the show, do that now so you'll get notified when the new podcast changes all take place. So, go and do that right now. Go to your podcast player and subscribe to the show. And next week, when everything switches over, it will all happen automatically for you as well. I can't wait for the next part of this journey together. Until next week.