The Greatest Leader of All Time

Dec 21, 2021

Becoming better leaders is a daily job; it is about listening more carefully, understanding those we lead and their needs, and trusting and incentivizing their potential. 

This week, as we get ready to celebrate the life of Jesus Christ, the greatest leader that ever existed, we bring a short and sweet episode to reflect on the basics of good leadership. We delve into the small details of our leadership we can improve, the importance of making the people we are leading feel heard and seen, and why we must listen with the real intent of understanding them. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Jesus Christ's leadership style (1:03)
  • The story of the woman that had sinned (2:13)
  • About the importance of taking the time to listen (3:17)
  • We don't need to be perfect (4:01)


  • King James Version of the Bible - John 8: 2-11
  • Download my free One-on-One Transformation tool

Let's Connect!


Clint Hoopes: People don't need a perfect leader. They don't expect a perfect leader. They just want a leader that sees them as a person that matters, and to be given hope for the future. 

During this Christmas season, I can't help but think about how grateful I am for Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of pure leadership. He was a selfless leader that had pure love for those who followed him, and even for those that didn't. He saw all people for who they really were inside. He was also incredibly consistent in his message, and his invitations to follow him in faith. His invitation to the New Testament to come follow me was coupled with no other desire, other than to bring to pass the salvation and eternal happiness of mankind. 

Whenever we speak of Christmas, we speak of Christ – the perfect leader – who was born to be the perfect example, and the means by which we can have hope of salvation. His life was spent spreading hope for all. Comparing how our leadership stacks up to that Jesus Christ is not the point. Improving our leadership in small ways each day to better emulate him is the only way that we can begin to lead people more like Christ is to begin to see people more clearly, and to seek to understand them better. The only way to truly see and understand people is to first listen to them. Christ would thoughtfully listen and then seek to help. I'm reminded of the story of the woman taken in adultery in the Bible – in John, chapter eight – people were ready to stone the woman for sinning. But Jesus listened, and then communicated clearly with everyone in attendance when he said, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” Since everyone knew that they were not without sin, they dispersed. He then forgave the woman as he understood her and saw the woman clearly for who she was and for the potential she had within her. 

As we seek to listen, we also know how to better help those that are struggling to succeed. Will we be able to help everyone who works for us to be able to succeed? No, we won’t. However, we can know that we gave them their best chance of success when we understand them. Jesus Christ took the time to help the one. We too can intentionally take the time to listen and communicate one on one. Sometimes we try to lead people by telling them over and over again to follow us without putting in the work to become the leader worth following first. People don't need a perfect leader. They don't expect a perfect leader. They just want a leader that sees them as a person that matters, and to be given hope for the future. I am here to give you hope that even though you are not the perfect leader, you are the leader that your people have. And I know that as you strive to see people more clearly, they will be able to feel your effort and love for them. This will make all the difference. We don't need perfection. We just need to be a little better each day. 

This Christmas season, as we celebrate the birth of the only perfect leader the world has ever known, let's drive to see our people at work more like Jesus Christ did, with more pure eyes and a desire to listen with real intent to understand. I hope you have a Merry Christmas.