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You are here with a purpose. Your are here to provide for and to protect your family. You are also here to be a true leader to your team at work. Your quest is not a fleeting task, but a journey filled with hope and real purpose. 

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90-Day Father First Leadership Program

Through our weekly One-on-One calls and consistent communication we will:

  • Identify your most important roles (father, leader, husband etc.)
  • Define the man you want to become 
  • Discover your leadership blindspots
  • Gain clarity on your business direction and vision
  • Harness the power of One-on-One interactions as a father and business leader
  • Achieve Flowing Momentum in your life
  • Customize a plan and together implement the principles of the Father First Effect in your life 

Meet Clint Hoopes

From an early age, I knew I wanted to not only build companies, but I wanted to build a family. With my wife Angela by my side we have been blessed with 6 amazing children that we cannot imagine living without. 

Early in my career I struggled with the balance of family and work. Over the years I discovered that what I did at work impacted my physical health, my family life and the ability to be mentally present with my family.

While leading hundreds of people in different industries, I have found what works and have used and taught these transformative principles and systems with life changing success. I now focus on coaching leaders to discover the Father First Effect in their own lives.